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Top Model Bulletproof Cars

Over the last few decades, the rate of crime and unforeseen incidents has increased drastically. With the advancement of technology, more deadly weapons are coming out. The deadly technology is often used to create a tense atmosphere. Hence, traveling in an armored car has become a necessity. Bulletproof cars are designed in such a way that it can easily withstand assaults from rifles or grenade. In short, while traveling in an armored car, one can get a great level of protection.

Getting an Armored Car

Even if you don’t have much idea about the armored car industry, you don’t need to freak out. This blog will help you to learn about the different models of armored cars that are available in the market. With an armored vehicle by one’s side, one can easily meet out the security needs while traveling.

You don’t need to be a celebrity or a government official or a political person, even an average person can use it for meeting their security and safety. Traveling in bulletproof car would help one to avoid any kind of attacks.

While conducting a little research on the net, you will come across a wide range of armored cars, but only a few of them can be classified as the best. Basically, in order to fall under the category of top models, a car needs to meet some basic requirements. For instance, the car needs to be built with hardened steel so that it can resist corrosion.

If you are interested to learn about some top bulletproof vehicles, go through the rest of the blog.

Mercedes S600 Pullman State Limousine

It is an ideal bulletproof car for political figures and celebrities. The vehicle is known for its high level of armoring. For this reason, it can easily withstand bullets or explosives.


The Beast

It falls under the category of specially built bulletproof cars. This car served President Barack Obama and now is serving President Trump. The car has got at least 5 inch of plate armoring.

bulletproof car

The Huron

You can definitely go for this badass bulletproof car. The high level of armoring makes it apt for high-level of protection. The body panel and the passenger compartment is so well-built that it can withstand several rounds of gun-shots. The discreet design of the car won’t draw any attention.

bulletproof car

Armored BMW X5

Business personnel, who need to travel through high-risk zones, you can consider this armored vehicle. The bulletproof car can provide all-round protection from violent assaults and any organized crime. The steel molds and panels are hardened for resisting fire. Also, the bulletproof glass can provide protection from AK47 rifle shots.

bulletproof car

Range Rover HSE

Do you need to transport valuables from one place to another? You can go for this model of bulletproof car for this job. The ballistic glass can provide protection against gun-shots. Also, the run flat tires can be very helpful in order to move to a safe location. The passenger compartment can keep the occupants safe as it is armored.

These are some amazing models of bulletproof car which you can buy. Have them by your side and remain protected.


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