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Security issues with armored cars and limos

Armored cars are used to protect its passengers; at least that is what we are told. But an attack on Museveni’s car which ended up in the windows of his armored limo being shattered has led to a very public expression of fear. How do we ensure optimal security then? If simple stoning can lead to shattered windows, what would bullets do to the passengers? A bunch of other rumors have come up with theories like, the pictures of the shattered windows was photo shopped so that Museveni’s men could justify opening fire. Regardless, this is a serious issue.

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Lightweight armoring

Certain experts have confirmed that Museveni’s car was inclusive of lightweight armoring. The car of the Land Cruiser brand reportedly was left with its interior glass intact, only the exterior got shattered after stones were thrown at it. There were reports of Museveni’s armored limo being lightweight vehicle with lightweight armoring properties, which ensured that both he and his co passengers were protected. Lightweight armor also decreases the overall weight of the car. Therefore the performance of the car will be in great shape, whilst still providing protection. These cars easily speed of from any location thus, securing the passenger.

Expert opinion

Experts are of the opinion that each car is unique, and has different requirements, as they have observed while refitting them. Some clients may ask for bulletproof windows, as well as tyres. Companies make use of armors that are transparent, and contain ballistic glass, and in built armors. The fuel tank in these cars is also made bulletproof. In an armored limo, you can expect features like, ballistic steel encased fuse box, ECM, and battery. It is supposed to protect from both gunfire and explosions.


In the history of armored vehicles the first one was built back in 1949 for President Harry S. Truman. The technology now is much different. It has stood the test of worst case scenarios. Car manufacturers focus on certain key aspects while designing an armored limo or car. For example, the passenger seat is of optimal importance. If this part of the car is not taken care of, the trouble makers are more likely to get away with their agenda. The glasses have to be 6cm thick to withstand gunfire. Nowadays cars can resist direct firing from M-14 rifles and AK47s. But bombs and mines are still feared.

Evasion of attacks

Innovation has ensured that modern bulletproof vehicles, like armored limo and cars are better protected and built to evade problematic situations. There is armor present around the engine, battery, radiator, so that they can seal the fuel tank and prevent explosions.

Another new feature is the “run-flat” tyres or wheels. So that even if the wheels are damaged somehow during an attack, the car still keeps running and takes its passengers to safety. Night vision systems are another useful and fun feature. Infra-red cameras can be used for scanning the road and this will be projected on the windscreen. This is an useful tool for those who have extra concern with their security. For more transportation news, read here!

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