March 23


A Clear Direction

Because of the investment made in creating and maintaining class activities that support a particular boat, we often find ourselves racing in the same boats in which our parents, and in some cases our grandparents, enjoyed their racing. Sailing is perhaps the only sport so rooted in science and technology, yet so tied to the past.

Most of us would think it absurd to be driving a car designed in 1950 or even 1970, much less being without a computer! Yet, how do you top thousands of sailors of all ages sailing or racing for fun in 30 year old Lasers?!

The past represents the absolute best in our sport while advances in technology represent the future. For a manufacturer, this represents a great challenge – support the past yet develop for the future!

Notwithstanding the status quo, the survival of the sport is ultimately dependent upon it developing and advancing with technological change at the grass roots level, even if it is to be ever so slowly!

We have been part of the dinghy revolution in the last half of the 20th century (see Company History) and we believe that what we are continuing to do is part and parcel of the future of the sport in this century Рnot just in what we sail but in how we sail it, how we learn to sail it and how we foster the all important community of the Classes.

We will continue to provide affordable, real performance oriented products supported by a highly competent sales and technical staff, while providing additional support for the Classes through direct financial assistance, the support on all levels of our class events and championships and a company-supported clinic and demo program throughout North America that will, hopefully, set the standard in the industry.