Performance Sailcraft probably has the most prestigious history of any high performance dinghy builder in North America. With our origins in, firstly, the design and development of International 14s and then in the creation of the worldwide Laser phenomenon, the experience of our team in the design, development, building and marketing of performance dinghies is unparalleled.

Performance Sailcraft has its beginnings in 1960 when Ian Bruce returned from sailing in the Finn Olympics and sub-contracted the building of the Newport Finn in Canada under license. Then, in 1967, he finished his own International 14 from an English shell, built the first successful lightweight, self-depowering rig and went on to win two successive Prince of Wales Trophies, then emblematic of the Fourteen World Championship.

He and a friend, André Julien, then decided to get together to build more affordable 14s for the Canadian market and the Company was born. They built the Kirby Mk lll and Mk V International Fourteens and obtained the first license to build the new Australian designed Contender. But it was all being done as an exhausting, after hours hobby while the partners pursued their regular day jobs. They decided to close it down unless they could build a mass produced boat and turn it into a business