March 23

Club 420

  • Unmatched in its quality and craftsmanship
  • Control systems in the right places
  • Race ready
  • Fully Class legal
  • Proven race results in 2004
  • Unconditionally backed by the builder

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Class Approved

The PS2000 Club 420 has been measured and approved by the Club 420 Class Association and Performance Sailcraft 2000 Inc. is now an approved builder for the Class.

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An introduction to the PS2000 Club 420

by Ian Bruce, President and owner of Performance Sailcraft 2000 Inc.

I should start this off, for the benefit anyone who is considering the boat for racing, by assuring you that the PS2000 boat is not built and rigged to be faster than the two existing approved builder’s boats but, at the same time, neither is it slower. I am the person who started the Laser and helped draft the first set of truly one-design rules in the sport of sailing and, as the third licensed builder in North America of the Club 420, maintaining the one-design character of the boat has been our number one priority.

However, doing this has not prevented us from building what we believe to be a better constructed boat for BOTH the racing market and the institutional market.