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Touring to Niagara Falls from Toronto in a tour bus

One of the most magnificent sights to behold, Niagara Falls is one of the great wonders of the world. The 167 foot vertical drop will leave you awestruck. There are a number of touring managements that can arrange your tour, and the lodging options are plenty as well, being such a popular destination for vacationing. Come and see this wonder and feast your eyes, by booking your Toronto to Niagara Falls tour.

You can choose a mega bus to drive you across the country. This is a great way to tour through the entire region without missing anything. Toronto itself is a city full of wonderful places to visit. A city rich in culture and history, Toronto has a lot to offer. There are cultural landmarks and sights, for example, the CN tower, Distillery District, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and many more. Here you can find the best of Canadian culture, as a number of Canadian restaurants have outlets in Toronto, their museums will give you a peep into their arts and culture, and their vibrant city life will enervate you. Book your Toronto to Niagara Falls tour and experience the best of what Canada has to offer.

Toronto to Niagara Falls tour

Amenities on a bus trip from Toronto to Niagara.

You will get free Wi-Fi on bus, there are onboard entertainments offered by certain tour bus companies, some of them also have individual power outlets, and for your comfort, you will be getting reclining seats. You can capture every view on your camera from the bus itself, and comfort and convenience are assured. Seats are limited, so you better book your Toronto to Niagara Falls tour now.

Routes from Toronto to Niagara Falls

Toronto to Niagara Falls happens to be one of the most popular touring routes, in a network of over 100 cities throughout North America; thereby scheduling your tour will not exactly be a challenge. The departure times will address your convenience and planning your next tour is made simple. You search for itineraries online to book your trip which is accessible both through your PC and your phones. So you might as well decide upon your next Toronto to Niagara Falls tour.

Pick up and drop off locations.

Locations are nothing to worry about, as in both these venues you will be centrally located and dropped off at proper locations and not at remote, seldom used routes. So safety and security of the travellers will not be threatened. Please remember to bring proper identification or travel documentation necessary for travelling cross border with you. If you are looking for returning to Toronto from Niagara Falls you any find your bus departing from the Niagara Falls bus terminal.

niagara falls tour bus

If you are travelling from Toronto, then you will find your bus at the Toronto bus terminal. The steps for booking a Toronto to Niagara Falls tour is made easy.

Ticket prices

If you want to save money then make sure you book in advance. Mega buses make sure that your travel is easy and comfortable. They are also affordable. You can book your vehicle online. There are trip planners for your convenience so that you can select whatever schedule suits you.


Tickets are available for passengers who book in advance; as seats are fast selling you must not be too late. Book your ticket today, and reserve your seats now.


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