The importance of bulletproof cars to all celebrities

Bulletproof cars are very common among rich celebrities, billionaires, politicians and other influencing personalities who may attract a lot of attention from the public. The main reason to get a bulletproof armored car is to protect themselves from any terror activity or any gun assaults. The increase in the recent times of criminal and terror activity has forced all these influencing leaders to get armored and bulletproof vehicle protection. While it may not be the 100% safest option, it will definitely help escape the situation safe and sound

What exactly are bulletproof cars

The advancement in making new weapons and technologies to spread terror has also alarmed all car manufacturers to come up with the concept of bulletproof armored cars. Common standard cars are not your best protection where you can expect to save yourself from the bullets. Some car makers may provide a heavy duty glass but it won’t be bulletproof. Bullet proof car are modified and armored in many ways that no bullets pierce through the frame of the car. Bulletproof and the entire modification process can take from 2 weeks to 2-3 months depending on the kind of armoring ordered.

bulletproof cars

Armoring explained

The armoring comes in different levels such as light armoring could only possibly stop normal hand guns. Heavy armoring will definitely add a lot of weight to the vehicle but will also be able to stop bigger rifles and sniper guns.

The first basic process of armoring is to replace all the interiors and ensure all ballistic material is used. More weight is added to the frame and glasses are replaced with bulletproof material. Tires are also replaced to survive small pellets or bullets. Because armoring adds a lot of weight to the car, shocks and at times engines are also required to be modified.

The first and the foremost goal of the bulletproof car is to make sure the client is protected at all times. The second main objective is to ensure the client is protected from the incoming rifles and bullets. The third thing that all bulletproof cars needs to do is to help you quickly escape the dangerous situation.

Armoring of a car needs to be done in such a way that the look or the exteriors should not look modified. If the car is parked among many other cars, the car itself should like a standard one. It is important for celebs and all bullet proof car owners to ensure that their cars do not give any clues about the modification.

The entire armoring process may sound very easy but it does get very pain staking. The modifications are very critical and only special engineers have the right expertise and knowledge to fully armor a car. If you feel that you are gathering a lot of unwanted attention from people and need protection, bulletproof cars are your best choice. Contact an armored car company to see the different choices of pre-constructed vehicles or armored packages that they have to offer.